English - German // German - English Translations in Frankfurt am Main

Fachübersetzer.NET offers a variety of translation services which include personal documents (such as qualification certificates, drivers licenses, birth certificates, marriage certificates, transcripts, employment transcripts, police clearance certificate), business documents (trade register excerpts, general terms and conditions, contracts), technical translations (legal, medical, information technology, owner's manuals), as well as CVs, social media profiles and websites.

Our translation services can be provided within 24 hours, 7 working days. Our office is located at Kaiserstrasse 61 in Frankfurt am Main, which is only 5 minutes away from Central Station Frankfurt (Hauptbahnhof).
Please note that we cannot provide quotes over the phone, as each documents has to be assessed by the length and level of difficulty.

How can I get a free translation quote?

Please send a request via email to: fachuebersetzer.net@gmail.com
Please enclose: scan or take a clear photo of the document to be translated, specify the deadline and if you need a certified translation.

You will receive an offer via e-mail with the expected completion date and the final price - no hidden costs.

Please confirm the offer by e-mail, when you agree to these terms.

Fair Prices:
  • No additional fees for quick translations. Small translations can be made within 24 hours.
  • I am an officially certified interpreter and translator for English, I pride myself on providing a high quality personalized service which can save you money as I do not charge additional commissions to external parties.
  • With our service offering you will also receive a second copy of the translation for your personal records free of charge.